Atlas Air

viernes, septiembre 20, 2019

Yeah let him feast my heart is big
My heart is big, my blood will slide
You let him feast my heart is big
My heart is big, my blood will slide
Got nothing to lose but my chains
Internet feats on my brains

Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin: amara beauty - Helen Skin @ Powder Pack September 2019
Hair: KoKoLoReS [KKLRS] Hair - Runa The Liaison Collaborative September 2019
Tattoo: Enemy: Skylar Tattoo The Liaison Collaborative September 2019
Mask: HILTED - The Chamber Mask The Liaison Collaborative September 2019
Shape: by myself, not for sale

Pose and props (fence) by Le Poppycock *Altered State* Mainframe The Liaison Collaborative September 2019

Background: HILTED - The Chamber Room - Pod + Box The Liaison Collaborative September 2019



Dreaming up in the clouds

martes, septiembre 17, 2019

Dreaming up in the clouds
You still give me butterflies

Another little challenge to myself, inspired by Milk Motion's scene and Chez Moi both with this clouds concept and Tableau Vivant's cute short hair with butterflies to add, now at Collabor88.
And of course the beautiful releases at Fameshed this September round by Dead Dollz, Moss&Mink and Ariskea that never disappoints.
With all of them have had for a few days the idea of putting together a dreamy scene I hope you like my personal challenge! ♥

Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin: Insol Irina applier, tone 'Honey'
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Flying butterflies Collabor88 September 2019
Tableau Vivant \\ Hair butterflies @ Collabor88 September 2019
Tableau Vivant \\ Mariposa hair @ Collabor88 September 2019
Shape: by myself, not for sale

.::Dead Dollz::. Dead Dollz - Tara Shorts FaMESEHed September 2019
.::Dead Dollz::Dead Dollz - Tara Top  FaMESEHed September 2019

Pose by Amitie  Dancing with drapes 05

Milk Motion cloudy dream scene @ Collabor88 September 2019

{anc} butterfly of meadow / up (ivory)
Ariskea [keshiki] Lotus Flower Grown[3] FaMESEHed September 2019
Ariskea [keshiki] Small Lotus Pond decor[3] FaMESEHed September 2019
Chez Moi   
Cloud Couch CHEZ MOI Collabor88 September 2019
Geo Accent Table CHEZ MOI Collabor88 September 2019
Star Geo Wall Decor CHEZ MOI Collabor88 September 2019
dust bunny . sweet dreams . alarm clock . gold
dust bunny . jewelry box
[ keke ]   
[ keke ] sphere chandelier
[ keke ] star projector 
{moss&mink} Mika Bedside Table FaMESEHed September 2019
{moss&mink} Mika Bed FaMESEHed September 2019
MH Elara Bed Drapes



sábado, septiembre 14, 2019

Finally having a lil break, 10 days back home to see family and friends, soooo much needed!!

The last months had been difficult due to some health issues I'm still dealing with, and actually the trip is in part to get second opinions from other doctors etc. Shouldn't be "serious" but is an immune system disease and a very rare one ( that doesn't help) and is starting to really affect my day by day so... let's cross fingers.

I'm taking my laptop with me, as it's going to be much about sitting and resting, so I plan to continue blogging, but yes I've been a bit slow lately.

I really appreciate my sponsors and events I work with, not only are they amazing but the items they create are sooo inspiring! sometimes I wish I could post more often and do more. I've realised (afterwards) that this scene looks very similar to a quite recent one, also with a chaise long, but I'm sure you can see a difference in styling.

Architect. Vanderbilt Brownstone Studio [Left] 
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge - Seasonal 
Apple Fall Notting Hill Cobblestone (Straight)
Studio Skye Skye Windswept Tree Type 2
HPMD* WildGrasses -khaki- b

Apple Fall  West Village Belgravia Skybox

Apple Fall    
West Village Clinton Bed, White Linen FaMESEHed September 2019
Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Dark
Apple Fall Cushion - Satin, Bronze
Apple Fall Cushion - Cream, Trellis Thin
Apple Fall Cushion - Satin, Beige
Apple Fall Cushion - Mud-cloth, Trellis
Architect. Rum Diary Bar (brown wood) @Anthem September 2019  
Architect. Rum Diary Bottle @Anthem September 2019
Architect. Rum Diary Tray (brown) @Anthem September 2019
Architect. Rum Diary Glasses @Anthem September 2019
BAMSE : Home Studio - Camera RARE The Arcade September 2019
ChiMia:: SW White Curtains
ChiMia:: SW Foggy Pier Wall Art
ChiMia:: Gold Foyer Mirror 
14 Fancy Decor: Printmaker's Framed Print A The Arcade September 2019
15 Fancy Decor: Printmaker's Framed Print B The Arcade September 2019
16 Fancy Decor: Printmaker's Framed Print C The Arcade September 2019
Fancy Decor: Julian Bowl of Limes FaMESEHed September 2019
Fancy Decor: Julian Shaker (gold) FaMESEHed September 2019
Fancy Decor: Julian Ice Bucket (gold) FaMESEHed September 2019
Fancy Decor: Harper Candle
brocante. reading lamp / bronze FaMESEHed September 2019 
KraftWork Destination Pillows (Flat Surface) LHR FaMESEHed September 2019
KraftWork Destination Pillows (Inclined) MAD FaMESEHed September 2019
KraftWork Destination Pillows (Inclined) SIT WITH ME FaMESEHed September 2019
KraftWork Destination Pillows (Straight Up) ROMEO&JULIET FaMESEHed September 2019
KraftWork Sorrento by Jack Hanby Side Table - Artist's Special Designs Project
KraftWork Sorrento by Jack Hanby Tall Vase - Artist's Special Designs Project
KraftWork Sorrento by Jack Hanby Short Vase - Artist's Special Designs Project
KraftWork Sorrento by Jack Hanby Rounded Vase - Artist's Special Designs Project
KraftWork Sorrento by Jack Hanby Open Magazine - Artist's Special Designs Project
KraftWork Antibes Old Books Pile @ Flourish
KraftWork Antibes Old Books Row Tropical Version @ Flourish
KraftWork Antibes Table Chandelier @ Flourish
[Merak] - Book Decor w/globe The Arcade September 2019
[Merak] - Baby Breath Vase The Arcade September 2019
{moss&mink} Terese Bow Lamp FaMESEHed September 2019
{moss&mink} Mika Bedside Table FaMESEHed September 2019
Serenity Style-Delilah Chaise Longue Dark @ Belle September 2019


Last evenings of summer

viernes, septiembre 13, 2019

I know, I know... we're almost mid September, many love fall... But I love summer and my summer break comes now on saturday, so I will just pretend summer isn't totally gone yet! hahaha
I'm in love with this shed by Ayla, not only is beautiful, but there are so many different things you can use it for... I chose to work on the inside, combining it with Minimal's release for Collabor88, stunning dining set with a shabby look, but so delicate too, easy to combine with other bits and pieces.
This summer I've been into apples in RL, because the apple tree out in the garden was soooo full, the grass is covered by this red fruit. So now is the turn for SL too and both Disorderly and Insurrektion had designed gacha sets for The Arcade that are simply perfect, as 22769 and Forth Wall.
Andika brings us a lovely Mulled Wine set, at Uber now, so delicate and beautiful, Madras is taking part in Equal10 with a sweet white decor set, and releases by Dutchie and Vespertine at Fameshed.
Delicious treats and bits and pieces by Apple Fall are always perfect in any decor set, and Nutmeg also helped to round all the scene

Outside, through the window: 
 - 22769~ [bauwerk]- On Top Of The World - RARE The Arcade September 2019
 - DISORDERLY / Harvest Apples / Ladder The Arcade September 2019

Building: Shed: Ayla. Old Garden Shed @Anthem September 2019

By the door:
dust bunny  dwarf fruit trees . red apple tree
+Half-Deer+ English Ivy - Hanging B

Decor inside:
andika mulled wine glass-b/Dispenser Uber August 2019
andika Cup Cake-b/Dispenser Uber August 2019
andika Cup Cake-a/ Dispenser Uber August 2019
andika mulled wine glass-a/Dispenser Uber August 2019
andika mulled wine Dispenser Uber August 2019
andika wine Bottle Uber August 2019
andika apple Uber August 2019
West Village Eleanora Drawer Chest - Stripped Oak
West Village Seeded Bread & Tomatoes
West Village Large Raspberry & Almond Macarons
West Village Pears in Vintage Trug
West Village Billy Ball Stems2
West Village Cotton Tote
West Village Blueberries & Cream Muffins
West Village French Tart Assortment
West Village Spring Tulips4
DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Stand The Arcade September 2019
DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Loose Apples The Arcade September 2019
DISORDERLY. / Apple Bounty / Apple Candle Display The Arcade September 2019
DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Barrel2 The Arcade September 2019
Dutchie    Dutchie furniture (148,84,22) 
Lady in a cafe by Lucien Pissarro FaMESEHed September 2019
Portrait of Aristide Bruant by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec FaMESEHed September 2019
Portrait of Comedian Caudieux by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec FaMESEHed September 2019
[FOURTH WALL] Pine Cones2 The Arcade September 2019
[IK] Harvest Time - Apples Bucket The Arcade September 2019
[IK] Harvest Time - Apples Basin B The Arcade September 2019
[IK] Harvest Time - Pumpkins Crate2 The Arcade September 2019
[IK] Harvest Time - Stand Barrel The Arcade September 2019
*LODE* Decor - Camilla Hanging Wild Tulips [white]
MADRAS Milk Bottle Decor @Equal10 September 2019
MADRAS Anne Vase Decor @Equal10 September 2019
MADRAS Milk Empty Bottle Decor @Equal10 September 2019
MADRAS Anne Blessed Beyond Measure Bag Decor @Equal10 September 2019
MADRAS Anne Oil-Vinegar Decor @Equal10 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Lamp Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Rolling Chair  Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Dishes set5 Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Table+Mat4 Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Glasses Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Coach Chair  Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Plant Pot Circular Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Presiding Chair Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Candle Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre Plant Pot Cylinder Collabor88 September 2019
MINIMAL - Champetre White Chair Collabor88 September 2019
Nutmeg. Summer's End Candles3
Nutmeg. Summer's End Cup Pile4
Nutmeg. Summer's End Plate v23
Nutmeg. Summer's End Plate v14
Nutmeg. Summer's End Plate v33
{vespertine} herb drying3 FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted thyme2 FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted rosemary2 FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted chives FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted parsley FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted bay leaf FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted basil 1 FaMESEHed September 2019
{vespertine} potted sage FATPACK extra FaMESEHed September 2019


Autumn Moments ♥

miércoles, septiembre 11, 2019

Smile, always smile...
Days aren't always good, things aren't always easy...
...what a difference it makes, to have someone in your life you can count on and that makes you smile whenever you are down...
Those little precious moments with real friends ♥

Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin: Insol Irina applier, tone 'Honey'
Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.1)
Hairbase: Tableau Vivant  \\ Genus Hairbase 04 @Uber  August 2019
Hair: TRUTH / Euphoria
Shape: by myself, not for sale

Miu - Maia denims FaMESEHed September 2019
Tres Blah - Maddie's Cardigan FaMESEHed September 2019

Pose and props (fence and leaves) by Amitie  @Equal10 September 2019

Picture taken @ Luanes World ready for autumn, you shouldn't miss it


Apple Fall

Summer hideout

lunes, septiembre 09, 2019

I know it's September, but I have it hard to let summer go, actually I'm taking my summer break no at the end of the week so... bear with me ;)
Who could resist working with this wonderful scene by Minimal, and add some of the beautiful releases our designers have been working on this summer.

Building and rocks: MINIMAL - Philippines Scene
- MINIMAL - Philippines Rock
- MINIMAL - Philippines Cabain

Apple Fall 'Elvira' Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit
Ariskea[Piper] Boho Macrame wall hanging -Neutral
Ariskea[Piper] Boho Macrame wall hanging -Green
Ariskea [Monterey] Outdoor Couch 1 @Uber  August 2019
Ariskea [Monterey] String Lights @Uber  August 2019
Ariskea [Monterey] Deck Lantern @Uber  August 2019
Ariskea[Amber] Giant Plant Philo [Healthy]
Ariskea[Peach] Sea Glass WindChimes [Blue]
Ariskea[Peach] Sea Glass WindChimes [Green]
Ariskea[Abaca] DriftWood Round Decor
Ariskea[Zulu] Weave Bag
Ariskea[Zulu] Pillow Tropical
Provence Crate Picnic Set CHEZ MOI 
Provence Placemat CHEZ MOI
Classique Candle CHEZ MOI
Provence Flowers CHEZ MOI
Dahlia - Hiraeth - Flowers in Pitcher - Canary 6 The Arcade September 2019
Dahlia - Hiraeth - Seltzer Crate - Blue 22 The Arcade September 2019
dust bunny . dreamy outing . fruit board
Granola. Gypsy Soul Pillow V1. Choco. The Arcade September 2019
Granola. Gypsy Soul Speaker. Teal. The Arcade September 2019
Granola. Gypsy Soul Blanket Pile3. The Arcade September 2019
[IK] Driftwood Ibiza Set - Chandelier
[IK] Driftwood Ibiza Set - Hanging Chair
KraftWork Fish Mobile
KraftWork Amazonia Rustic Table
KraftWork Amazonia Banana Table Decor
MINIMAL - Beach Towel
Pewpew! Creamy Pies & Hearts Plate - Blue @ The Arcade September 2019
Pewpew! Pie Cookie Jar - Strawberry @ The Arcade September 2019
Pilot    MudHoney (63,155,26)   
PILOT - Tropical Pillow 2
PILOT - Tropical Pillow Pile
PILOT - Tropical Pillow 1
[we're CLOSED] driftwood chandelier
Serenity Style-Nicolle Picture Holder Blue Unik from 7th September 2019
Serenity Style-Nicolle Picture Holder Green Unik from 7th September 2019
Serenity Style-Nicolle Picture Holder White Unik from 7th September 2019
..::THOR::.. Monstera Plant
..::THOR::.. Nasturtium Sky
..::THOR::.. Nasturtium Pumpkin
..::THOR::.. Nasturtium Pistacho
..::THOR::.. Banana Tree
..::THOR::.. Watermelon Slices - Giver
..::THOR::.. Tropical Fruits Plate
..::THOR::.. Summer  Hideout Game - RARE
..::THOR::.. Nasturtium Red
..::THOR::.. Cage Table
..::THOR::.. Dracaena Plant
..::THOR::.. Nasturtium Aqva
..::THOR::.. Bird of Paradise Plant
..::THOR::.. Traveler Palm
..::THOR::.. Spider Plant
..::THOR::.. Nasturtium Lemon
..::THOR::.. Small Agave
..::THOR::.. Fiddle Leaf Plant
{vespertine} - summertime fruit salad bowl.