Try a little tenderness

domingo, mayo 20, 2018

You won't regret it, no, no
Some girls they don't forget it
Love is their only happiness, yeah
But it's all so easy
All you gotta do is try, try a little tenderness, yeah
All you gotta do is, man, hold her where you want her

Head: Genesis Lab Mesh Bento Head MOLLY 
Skin: Adela (toffee) by Genesis Lab
Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1


Hair: pr!tty - Julia - [Bun] @Pocket Gacha May 2018
Outfit: ella // Fany // @Pocket Gacha May 2018
 - ella // Fany // Top
 - ella // Fany // Pants
Earings: - shanghai - Drica Earring Blue  @The Liaison Collaborative May 2018

Pose by The Owl. Its all about Tenderness 4 @Pocket Gacha May 2018


Noble Creations [NC] - The Rusty Gate - Green Leaves @The Liaison Collaborative May 2018

[Merak] - Garden Ornament with Lights (Brass) @Illuminate from 18th of May 
{LORE} Serenity Stone Lotus @Illuminate from 18th of May
PACK / Calla Lilies - Full @Illuminate from 18th of May

Little Branch LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


Fisherman's cove

miércoles, mayo 16, 2018

A little fishermen village by the sea, where you can find a lovely relaxed spot in which to enjoy the sunshine, the sea, fresh food and a cold beer.

Serenity Style- The House of the Fisherman @Illuminate from 18th of May 

.little fox. - Farmer's Corner Hanging bench @Illuminate from 18th of May
.little fox. - Farmer's corner Old pots
.little fox. - Farmer's Corner Wood logs

Rattletrap Shipyards  SportingSuper Classic CED   

Now 6º Republic 6th May to the 20th May

~isil~ *Maine* - ~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Red)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Blue)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Bare)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Toppled)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Pair)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Upright)

 Black Jack BJK Miami gacha lifebelts
 Black Jack BJK Miami gacha Everglades boat

CONSTRUCT - Inflatable Beachball 2

[Merak] - Hawaiian Beach Bar Area
 - [Merak] - Beachy Lights
 - [Merak] - Beach Pillow 1
 - [Merak] - Beach Pillow 2g
 - [Merak] - Small Bamboo Table

*Artisan Fantasy* Santa Fe Patio
 - *AF* Santa Fe Patio 08 - Hurricane Candles
 - *AF* Santa Fe Patio 09 - Hurricane Candle Hanging
 - *AF* Santa Fe Patio 07 - Blanket Ladder

IDEZA - Bar California Blogger Pack - BOXED - v1.2
 - IDEZA - Bar California RARE
 - IDEZA - Bar Wall Light
 - IDEZA - Bar Dj Booth
 - IDEZA - High Table
 - IDEZA - Brown Ale
 - IDEZA - Beer Pint
 - IDEZA - Ashtray
 - IDEZA - The bill please !
 - IDEZA - Oxidized Stool - Blue
 - IDEZA - Oxidized Stool - Black
 - IDEZA - Oxidized Stool - Yellow
 - IDEZA - Oxidized Stool - White

C L A Vv. Sunflowered BBQ
 - C L A Vv. BBQ Sauces
 - C L A Vv. Fried Chickens
 - C L A Vv. Sunflower Beef Burger
 - C L A Vv. Chili and Cinnamon Roll
 - C L A Vv. The Z Man
 - C L A Vv. Beer

ACORN Bbq Lunch Gacha
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Table RARE
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Stool
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Kebabs
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Sauce
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Napkins
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Corn
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Bottle
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch  -Bread
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Bottle Opener
 - ACORN Bqq Lunch -Radio

MadPea Missouri Mystery Motel - Suitcase

hive //  macrame hanging plant . stone
hive //  macrame hanging plant . charcoal
hive //  mass canes plant
Kalopsia - Zelie's Macrame

{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm.
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance1 - Rez)
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance2 - Rez)
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance3 - Rez)
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance4 - Rez)
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Hovering Slow - Rez)
!Ohmai: Pacific Gull (Stance2 - Rez)


Arrived just on time!

domingo, mayo 13, 2018

More 6 Republic, yesss too many gorgeous things to feature, now different vibe, countryside, arriving home just in time for the garden party, yay! Relaxed with my gorgeous red boots,  and what memories treasured in this swing ^^

Make the most of the weekend and have a wonderful one! ♥


REZERVED - Old Leather Boots - Red - @Shiny Shabby (until 15th May 2018)

Scene Deco:

Stockholm&LimaThe Swingset @Red Light District  15 April - 8th May

Now 6º Republic 6th May to the 20th May

~BAZAR~Carolina Barn
~BAZAR~Grass field small
 - --ANHELO-M50SG-185GA :: farmer's garage (with HIGHPOLY base)
 - --ANHELO-P02DG-185GA :: bush B (dark green)
 - --ANHELO-P01DG-185GA :: shed side tree (dark green)

 not so bad .  TEXAS . western .
  - not so bad .  TEXAS . haystack
  - not so bad .  TEXAS . water  storage

 Black Jack  BJK Miami gacha Blue Scooter

Toro. Jeep Wrangler {Blue}

Little Branch LB_Bougainvillea{Animated}Seasons*Limited Edition  Now @Fameshed May 2018
Little Branch LB_BurOak{Animated}4Seasons  Now @Fameshed May 2018

Little Branch LB_MoonFlowerShade{Animated} Now@The Liaison Collaborative May 2018

hive // boho string lights . multi NowCollabor88 May 2018
 - hive // dark boho string lights
 - hive // boho string lights angled

!gO! GardenParty - shovel signpost 9
--ANHELO-M45SH-181GA :: my little garden (shelf)
--ANHELO-M45LR-183GA :: my little garden (leaf rake)
Serenity Style- LadyEllen's Rocking Toy Horse
Serenity Style- Boys Soccer Ball
JIAN :: Duck family
 - JIAN :: Duck - Posed (Preen)
 - JIAN :: Duck - Posed (Look R)
 - JIAN :: Duckling - Posed (Look R)
 - JIAN :: Duckling - Posed (Look L)
 - JIAN :: Duckling - Posed (Stand)
 - JIAN :: Duckling - Posed (Peck)
*alirium* DownyGrass [YellowGreen]
Little Branch LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh
"Moon_Sha" Dirt Road Nature 1
 - "Moon_Sha" Dirt Road Nature - Y Split (Alpha)
 - "Moon_Sha" Dirt Road Nature - Curve 45* (Alpha)


Next stop...

viernes, mayo 11, 2018

Enjoying sunny and warm days in RL is going to influence the theme of my pics, I can't help it.
Counting the days for my first break going back home this year, longing for long days by the sea.

Some of the creations available now at 6º Republic, and the stunning Sporting Super Clasic boat by Rattletrap Shipyards, not only reminded me to summer days, but also to a holiday trip to Santorini and Mikonos a few years ago.

To visit some of the coves of the island, access had to be made by sea. In nearby towns and beaches that service was offered with small private boats. 

So here I am in SL, like during this trip,  waiting for the next ride back to the "civilization" after enjoying this wonderful beach hidden from the masses.


Head: Genesis Lab Mesh Bento Head MOLLY 
Skin: Adela (toffee) by Genesis Lab
Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1
Hair: Exile - Life in Plastic - Naturals  @Collabor88 April 2018
Beauty marks: Izzie's - Body Moles 
                       {&why} customizable beauty marks

Baiastice Haider Fringed Camisole-All Colors @Uber April 2018 (until 23rd May)
Baiastice Marcel Shorts-All Colors @Uber April 2018 (until 23rd May)

Pose by [addme.] .[addme.] Pose#097-2 (Single-Ground) released @Pose Fair April 2018

Scene Deco:

Rattletrap Shipyards  SportingSuper Classic CED   

Now 6º Republic 6th May to the 20th May
 - Kei's Sparkplug Lighthouse (model)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Bare)
 - ~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Pair)
 - [Merak] - Beach Pillow 1
 - CONSTRUCT - Inflatable Beachball 3
 - CONSTRUCT - Tossed Swim Trunks green - 1 li
 - CONSTRUCT - Tossed Bikini fuchsia - 1 li
 - not so bad .  TEXAS . dekolampe . brown . copy

nourish . fresh air - beach bag new brand launching this April at @Illuminate April 18 - May 9
Luas Beach Basics Case Pink
..::Dead Dollz::. - Beach, Please! FlipFlops - Peach
:::ChicChica::: Sweet Ice Tea L

[Schultz Bros.] Floating Dock
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance4 - Rez)
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance3 - Rez)
Little Branch LB_BeachPalm{Quad}
Little Branch LB_BeachPalm{Double}