Brooklyn in the summer

viernes, junio 22, 2018

The Jewel Garden - Modern Store\House @Illuminate June 2018

Eleventh Hour: The New Yorker
 - Eleventh Hour: The New Yorker Bed
 - Eleventh Hour: The New Yorker Nightstand ( Blank)
 - Eleventh Hour: The New Yorker Nightstand
 - Eleventh Hour: Subway Sign

[ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Shutter
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Water Pipe
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Knot Lamp Straight
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Knot Lamp Tied
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Plane Propeller
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Quilted Plaid
 - [ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Two Pillows

Dahlia - La Dolce Vita Set - Deco(c)rate June 2018
 - Dahlia - La Dolce Vita - Cannoli & St. Joseph Pastry Platter
 - Dahlia - La Dolce Vita - Espresso Tray

%Percent Furniture & Lighting %Pamela Bowl wQuince (multi) *MESH* @Illuminate June 2018
MudHoney  Blaire Hanging Chair - @Illuminate June 2018
Tuesdays Antiique Rug @Illuminate June 2018

Available playing @Pocket Gacha from the 15th june

 - 5. Architect. Caspian Industrial Loft Wall Art
 - 7. Architect. Caspian Industrial Loft Stool
 - Fapple- Cigar on Ashtray
 - Fapple- Angel Oak Sub Pillow
 - *ionic* Hanging candle lamp (gold)
 - *ionic* Hanging candle lamp (silver)

Nutmeg. Lavender secret package Group Gift
Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift
Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Biege


Sunday at the beach

lunes, junio 18, 2018

Summer, holidays, sunny days by the beach...
Back in London from my break back home, and loving so much everything our creators had made for summer, this year I think I'm going to enjoy a long one!

Head: LOGO Alexis Head v2.5.1 (bento)
Skin: 'Tatyana' - ST6 'Ebony' by INSOL
Body: Belleza- Isis V5.0 BENTO

Hair: TRUTH Jamie - Mainstore release
Piercings: LOGO Alexis Piercings - Nose Piercings
                 LOGO Alexis Piercings - Lip Studs
Sunglasses: .::Nanika::. Daria Sunglasses Yellow TRES CHIC June 2018

Bikini & pareo;  Scandalize. Auna @Pocket Gacha June 2018

Pose used Amitie Poses - IceCream 03 @Pocket Gacha June 2018


Scarlet Creative Oceania Beach House @Collabor88  June 2018

[InsurreKtion] Beach Day - @Pocket Gacha June 2018
 - [IK] Beach Day - Beach Chair A
 - [IK] Beach Day - Beach Chair B
 - [IK] Beach Day - Umbrella B
 - [IK] Beach Day - Lifesaver
 - [IK] Beach Day - Beach Hut
 - [IK] Beach Day - Stacked Chairs B
 - [IK] Beach Day - Couple Towels
 - [IK] Beach Day - Ball
 - [IK] Beach Day - Bag

Serenity Style- Summer Essentials @Pocket Gacha June 2018
 - Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Towels
 - Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Bag DECOR
 - Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Female Sandals DECOR

Serenity Style- Quiggles Lifeguard Chair

[ kunst ] - Fresh Soda Club @Pocket Gacha June 2018
 - .11 [ kunst ] - Ice chest / dispenser RARE
 - .17 [ kunst ] - Cold-Cola can open
 - .18 [ kunst ] - Spike can waste


Holiday in style

jueves, junio 14, 2018

I'm from a wonderful island Gran Canaria (Spain) and I grew up by the sea and at the beach. Most of my happy memories are related to the coast and the sea. In SL I can't help it, one way or the other I always create my "home" by the sea, and always have a beach in my land.

Since the beginning I was always curious about sailing in world and how to recreate this "lifestyle", but I'm so bad using any kind of vehicle in Second Life, so clumsy... hahaha

When I got to know about Rattletrap Shipyards and their work I was so impressed!! the motto "The Devil is always in the detail" is clearly theirs. Not only are the boats beautiful and stylish but the work done on the little details and the textures are the best you can find in Second Life, as you can see in this picture taken in the interior.

When you read: "Rattletrap Shipyards offer professionally crafted, detailed mesh Yachts and Boats for the SL clients of the future, that can run Advanced Lighting Model Linden Lab's Second Life render engine." you may wonder, is that true? Once you see one of the boats rezzed in front of you, you realise these lines are short to describe their product.

Not only does the quality of the product leave everyone with their mouths open, but they also introduce a totally innovative aspect to the Second Life market, and it is the possibility to resell your Yachts at a profit, while enjoying the client experience like never before!

These yachts are so gorgeous you might choose to live in them instead of having a house in land *winks*

Boat: Rattletrap Shipyards  ZeushasReturned

Wearing: (on the first picture)
Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Isla @Fameshed June 2018
Straw hat: Baiastice Foulard Straw Hat 

Pose used Amitie Poses

Wearing: (on the second picture)
Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1
Hair: TRUTHxL&B Parker - 
Lingerie: Mossu - Amour.Lingerie -
Stockings ..::Dead Dollz::. Basic Stockings
 - Amala - The Jacqueline Stacking Rings -

 - [hh] Roxie Bracelet R

Pose used The Owl Couple pose - Group Gift


In the morning

miércoles, junio 06, 2018

Hello everyone!!

Yes, yes, yes... I'm away...on holiday back home with my family and friends.
I took this picture, edited etc, hoping to be able to post it before taking my flight, but wasn't possible.

I have access to my mother's old laptop, and was feeling so bad for not posting... so here I am! hahaha... To be totally honnest was even missing this, don't kill me! lol

Dead Dollz's set for The Arcade this round in June is so lovely, I had to do something with it ♥
And Stockholm&Lima is a featured designer this round at the Red Light District Event, and has released a beautiful simple bed, with big cozy duvet and of course, as always expected fantastic menu ^^
Also Truth's lovely VIP gift this month and Nanika's necklace for Vanity Event, yes you can't really see it in this picture, but I will wear it in another post when I'm back home, because I'm in love with it ♥

Head: Genesis Lab Mesh Bento Head MOLLY 
Skin: Adela (toffee) by Genesis Lab
Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1

Hair: TRUTH Fiji VIP Group Gift for May 2018
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Plumelet Necklace @Vanity Event

.::Dead Dollz::.  Bridal Party @The Arcade opens 1st june 2018
 - 2. Dead Dollz - Bridal Party - Bride Body RARE
 - 2. Dead Dollz - Bridal Party - Bride Robe RARE

Pose used single animation in the bed

DaD "Ocean Wave" House c/m V.1.0 released at 6ºRepublic May 2018
Stockholm&LimaBetter With You Platform Bed @ Red Light District  15 May - 8th June
.::Dead Dollz::.  Bridal Party @The Arcade from1st june 2018
 - 21. Dead Dollz - Bridal Party - Console
 - 22. Dead Dollz - Bridal Party - Stool
 - 23. Dead Dollz - Bridal Party - Hanging Bridal Gown

Nutmeg. Old Suitcases Pink @Shiny Shabby until June the 15th 2018

Eleventh Hour: Joie de Vivre Mirror released at 6ºRepublic May 2018

Ariskea [ Natura] Hydrangea violet
Ariskea [ Natura] Hydrangea Green
Ariskea [ Natura] Hydrangea Blue
Ariskea [PetiteParis 2] Tea Cup Goldie
Ariskea [Nordica]  Hybrid Roses Peach
Dahlia - Piper's Handbag Gacha - Compacts & Foundation .07
Dahlia - Piper's Handbag Gacha - Lipstick, mascara & Cream .05
.::Dead Dollz::. - Vacanze Romane - Suitcase
.::Dead Dollz::.The Cute One - Sweater - Black
.::Dead Dollz::.The Cute One - Lingerie - Pink