Tequila kisses

viernes, septiembre 29, 2017

The weekend starts... so why not? ^^

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Baskinta an experiment in world peace

jueves, septiembre 28, 2017

Baskinta an experiment in world peace ♥

The story behind the project:

" The Lebanese Civil War lasted from 1975 to 1990 and resulted in an estimated 120,000 fatalities.
[...] During the course of the fighting, alliances shifted rapidly and unpredictably. Furthermore, foreign powers, such as Israel and Syria, became involved in the war and fought alongside different factions.
[...]Baskinta occupies a strategic point in central Lebanon. So the unfortunate result was that the people in this small village had been caught up in the continuing battles between opposing leftist and rightist forces for several years."

You can also watch the great video by Jackson Redstar Videography in YouTube

The design of the sim enwraps you in a wonderful warm feeling of love and peace, connection to nature, with numerous spots where you can relax

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miércoles, septiembre 27, 2017

Genesis Lab turned 3 years IW and released a beautiful bento head as a group gift for 24h
I have no idea if there were any problemsto get to the sim, I could go before going to bed last night.
It's a gorgeous head!! and playing with the shape there are so many posibilities, every try would bring up a completly different look.

Beautiful work and wonderful gift ♥


Head: Genesis Lab bento head  KIANA - 3rd Anniversary - Limited Edition ( only for 24h)
Skin:  Genesis Lab Skin KIANA COCOA
Eyes: AG. Charm Eyes - Daylight @Shiny Shabby
Shape: my own
Hair: TRUTH Apple - Brunette @Uber
Head accesory: *LODE* - Dahlia Wreath [ash violet] @Shiny Shabby 
Earrings: (Kunglers) Venus earrings -  Turmaline


MONS / 3D - Tente (style2) @Shiny Shabby 

WL used  Jay BattleScars 14.0 - Skin


Shall we finish the wine upstairs?

domingo, septiembre 24, 2017

So many events around the grid... hard to keep up with everything :O

I just had a looong weekend and need to relax...
Shall be finish the wine upstairs? ^^


.BF.  Elaine Dress Lingerie Black @FrouFrou
Tableau Vivant \\ Lucy hair v.5  @Kustom9
SAYO SCENES - Wright Staircase Backdrop (gacha Eìphany in July)

Pose with wine :::ChicChica::: Lonely evening  (was @Shiny Shabby in September)


One of those days...

viernes, septiembre 22, 2017

One more day to go before getting some "rest"

Today... is just one of those days...

Picture taken at my favourite spot @Baskinta

This beautiful project, is a representation of a peaceful Baskinta and the surrounding natural environment.

Baskinta a war torn city in Lebanon, which had numerous positive effects achieving peace through transcendental meditation.

Sim to open on the 1st October

*many more pics to come*


...and the pizza was cold

sábado, septiembre 16, 2017

After a looong day of hard work...
...cold pizza ¬¬

I need a good rest now!


Blueberry - Benny - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - White  @Collabor88
Addams // Ginger Boyfriend Jean w/Belt //Ocean
TRUTH HAIR- Sugar (Group gift)


KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Building PocketGacha
{BE} Delizioso Pizza *Men* Marketplace
Second Spaces - Workspace Items (Home Improvement)
- Second Spaces - Home Improvement - sawhorses
- Second Spaces - Home Improvement - scrap wood
- Second Spaces - Bathroom Clutter - to pass the time RARE
[LJ] Pop's Toolbox - (rez) - Teal 
{what next} Kitchen Broom Decor
Serenity Style- Empty glasses
::no13::groupgift / can shoes
.random.Matter. - Lazy Day - Take Away
:::ChicChica Mineral water
Apple Fall Red Teacloth
Apple Fall Coastal Pier Railing Long
Toro. To-go Bagel
Tentacio - sandwich (wear & decor)
.:revival:. old ladder
--ANHELO-G01B5-168GA :: recycling C
7 - Hanging Bulb -Single


I'm not sure those are tools...o.O

viernes, septiembre 15, 2017

When your good friend tells you that got a new place, and invites you to come around and have a look on your day off... 
"Come over! will be fun!! we'll order pizza!"

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Time to go home!

sábado, septiembre 09, 2017

Head: Sophie Bento RARE by Genesis Lab 
Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1
Skin: Adela (toffee) by Genesis Lab
Shape: my own

*COCO*  OversizedSweater(Black) @Fameshed September 2017
!APHORISM! - Jane Boyfriend Jeans - Worn Dark Blue @Fameshed September 2017
[e] Aviya - Essentials @Fameshed September 2017
REIGN.- Fall vibes Traveler Bag (rigged) - Sight see'r @The Arcade September 2017
*LODE* Head Accessory - Melle Single [green]

...with me

JIAN 'dorable Danes 6. Harlequin Companion Pup @The Arcade September 2017

Behind me, the gorgeous Wimberly Farmhouse by Scarlet Creative, was a Collabor88 product

WindLight used  Jay BattleScars 15.5 - Down ( V2 Grey)


1001 nights

sábado, septiembre 02, 2017

Head: Sophie Bento RARE by Genesis Lab 
Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1
Skin: Adela (toffee) by Genesis Lab
Shape: my own

::c.A.:: Stasia *Pink* @ Enchantment
Broken style_Brazalet shari Gold  @ Enchantment
ERSCH - Zuhra Gacha Ring 12 @ Enchantment
Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay - Front Blow  (The Arcade March 2017)

Pose by [addme.] Pose# 088-3


Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha -Bed RARE @ Enchantment
Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha Rug @ Enchantment
Aphrodite Islamic decorative tea pitcher @ Enchantment
TLG - The Lantern Tree Side Table @ Enchantment
TLG - The Lantern Tree Singles Pouffe @ Enchantment
[P] Pillows, Arabian Nite: Table @ Enchantment