miércoles, septiembre 27, 2017

Genesis Lab turned 3 years IW and released a beautiful bento head as a group gift for 24h
I have no idea if there were any problemsto get to the sim, I could go before going to bed last night.
It's a gorgeous head!! and playing with the shape there are so many posibilities, every try would bring up a completly different look.

Beautiful work and wonderful gift ♥


Head: Genesis Lab bento head  KIANA - 3rd Anniversary - Limited Edition ( only for 24h)
Skin:  Genesis Lab Skin KIANA COCOA
Eyes: AG. Charm Eyes - Daylight @Shiny Shabby
Shape: my own
Hair: TRUTH Apple - Brunette @Uber
Head accesory: *LODE* - Dahlia Wreath [ash violet] @Shiny Shabby 
Earrings: (Kunglers) Venus earrings -  Turmaline


MONS / 3D - Tente (style2) @Shiny Shabby 

WL used  Jay BattleScars 14.0 - Skin

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